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The Occupational Pension Fund of the Canton of Zurich (BVK) offers a wide range of products and services relating to Switzerland, in particular in the areas of occupational benefits insurance, the financing of real estate and the renting of residential and commercial properties. It is important to us that employers as well as employees, tenants, mortgage holders and other customers have access to general and up-to-date information about our products and services, both via the traditional print media (brochures, information sheets, etc.) and online via user-friendly digital platforms (BVK's websites).

By accessing our websites (BVK Websites) and using them, the user acknowledges in full the legally binding effect of these website terms of use and the website disclaimer (exclusion of liability). If the user does not agree, the BVK Websites should not be accessed further.

3.1 BVK products and services presented online; warranty exclusion

BVK's products and services relating to Switzerland in the areas of occupational benefits insurance, the financing of real estate and the renting of residential and commercial properties are presented on the BVK Websites. It should be noted that this online information is of a general nature only, exclusively serves the purpose of providing information and does not replace an in-depth and personal consultation addressing the individual needs of future customers and insured persons. Existing customers and insured persons who require information about their contractual and/or insurance relationships are referred to the applicable legal documents, regulations and contracts.  

Given the fact that the descriptions provided online of products and services purely serve the purpose of providing information, no warranties, guarantees or assurances are made, either expressly or implicitly, regarding price information or the accuracy, correctness, completeness, reliability and current relevance of the information material provided on the BVK Websites. No warranties or guarantees are made that the BVK Websites do not contain any errors (see section 6 below for warranty exclusion).

3.2 No offers or recommendations

Product and service descriptions published on the BVK Websites for information purposes only do not constitute an offer or a solicitation to enter into a contract or a recommendation to execute or refrain from executing transactions and/or legal actions. Information sheets, forms, checklists, samples, profiles, sample invoices, etc. exclusively serve the purpose of describing the products and services of BVK and as examples of solutions, except if expressly designated as binding online offers or quotations.

No claims may be derived from contents published on the BVK Websites. The only documents with legally binding effect are the relevant legal documents of BVK and the contracts concluded with the customer, formal decisions announced by the competent governing bodies and employees of BVK, and information and position statements provided in writing.

3.3 Updating and amendment of website contents

BVK regularly checks and updates the information about its products and services published on the BVK Websites and reserves the right to change, supplement or remove the contents of the BVK Websites as well as this information and terms of use in whole or in part at its own discretion, at any time and without prior notification. This also applies to changes to the information, details and documents, etc. published on the BVK Websites as well as the products and services described there.

Users are advised to regularly check the contents published on the BVK Websites and in particular the terms and conditions of use for any changes. If users continue to visit the BVK Websites after changes have been published, they shall be considered to have accepted these changes.

BVK guarantees that personal data are protected and secured in accordance with the latest organisational and technical standards. In this regard, please refer to the BVK Data Privacy Policy.

All rights, titles and claims (including copyrights, trademark rights, other rights to intellectual property and any other rights) to, for and arising from all contents and information on the BVK Websites (texts, tables, graphs, images, videos, schedules, databases, lists, software, etc.) remain exclusively and exhaustively with BVK or the owner of the rights. This applies in particular to the word, device and/or acoustic marks and logos published on the BVK Websites. Copyright applies independently of any indications such as "copyright" or "©".

The BVK Websites and the contents and information they contain are made available exclusively for private use and the foundation's internal use. It is permitted to download, save, print or otherwise copy individual pages and/or chapters of the BVK Websites, provided that clear reference is made to the copyrights and other (intellectual) property rights of BVK. BVK or the third-party owner of the rights remains the owner of all property and utilisation rights. BVK can revoke this permission at any time.

The complete or partial reproduction or modification, transmission or publication, licensing, use as frames in a website, creation of works derived from these contents and linking or usage of information, details and documents, etc. contained on the BVK Websites and the described products and services (of any kind) may only be used for public and commercial purposes with the prior written consent of BVK. BVK is free in its decision to provide consent and may at any time revoke consent that was previously granted.

It is prohibited to systematically call up contents from the BVK Websites, either manually or automatically via robots or spiders, in order to directly or indirectly create a collection, a database or a register or to add links to the BVK Websites without the written consent of BVK.

In spite of having implemented all realistic preventive measures, it is impossible to exclude technical inaccuracies, omissions or typographic errors in the contents of the BVK Websites. BVK does not accept any liability for damage or loss arising from a lack of accuracy, timeliness, correctness, completeness, reliability, availability and current relevance, etc. of the contents published on the BVK Websites. BVK also does not accept liability for any events that are reasonably beyond the control of BVK, for any losses of business opportunities or for losses relating to data, databases or software (see section 3.1 above regarding warranties).

BVK further does not accept any liability for the contents and quality of the websites of third parties (Third-Party Websites) that are linked to the BVK Websites or for any offers, products and services offered by such Third-Party Websites. This also applies if these Third-Party Websites contain the BVK logo, links to BVK and frames. Third-Party Websites are used at the sole responsibility and risk of the user.

BVK thus excludes any and all liability without any restrictions for loss or damage of any kind that may be caused to the user and/or third parties in connection with accessing or using the BVK Websites as a whole or in part and from links to Third-Party Websites. The user accesses the BVK Websites, uses the information, descriptions and documents contained therein as well as all products and/or service descriptions available there at their own and sole responsibility. Liability is in particular also excluded for indirect and consequential damage (such as lost profits or damage caused by business interruptions), for internet mistakes of any kind (e.g. operational breakdowns, functional defects, viruses, harmful elements), misuse by third parties (viewing and copying of data, etc.) as well as the loss of programs or other data in the information systems of the user and/or third parties. This also applies where the BVK Websites point out the possibility of such damage.

Should individual provisions of these terms of use be deemed by a competent court or a competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable under the applicable laws, the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these terms of use shall not be restricted.

Unless the place of jurisdiction is prescribed by imperative legal provisions, the parties agree that the ordinary courts in Zurich shall have jurisdiction over all and any disputes between users of the BVK Websites and BVK that relate to the operation of or visits to the BVK Websites. Swiss law applies exclusively.

Last updated in November 2018
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