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The Occupational Pension Fund of the Canton of Zurich (BVK) welcomes your visit to our websites (BVK Websites) and your interest in our products and services. It is important to us to protect the privacy of all current, former and future customers. During the use of the BVK Websites, personal information (Personal Data) are collected, processed, used and sometimes anonymised. We ensure you that we meet our responsibilities and make sure that these Personal Data are protected and secured.

By accessing the BVK Websites, the user declares their acceptance of this Data Privacy Policy which applies to all the BVK Websites, and in particular with the collecting, storing and use of the data described therein for the purpose of analysing access by users of the BVK Websites and of optimising the BVK services and online offers. The user also acknowledges that BVK may, either in whole or in part, change, supplement, remove or in any other manner revise or update this Data Privacy Policy at its own discretion, at regular intervals and without prior notification. We therefore advise users to regularly check the Data Privacy Policy. The date on which the Data Privacy Policy was last updated is provided at the end of this website.

If a user does not agree with this Data Privacy Policy, the BVK Websites should not be accessed further.

No guarantee for compliance with data privacy provisions is provided for websites that do not belong to BVK which carry links to the BVK Websites or which for their part are linked to the BVK Websites (Third-Party Websites). In this regard, the data privacy policies of the relevant Third-Party Websites should be noted.

3.1 Purpose of use, scope of collection and processing of Personal Data, and consent by user

BVK generally only collects and uses the Personal Data of those who use its Websites to the extend needed to provide functional websites and to offer and further develop the contents, offers, products and services of BVK (Purpose of Use). To this end, by accessing the BVK Websites the user consents to the collection and use of their Personal Data that are provided by using the BVK Websites.

BVK uses all collected Personal Data in compliance with the applicable legal provisions for the purpose of developing its products and services, for technical administration, research and the further development of the BVK Websites

  • for customer and user administration and marketing,
  • to inform customers about services and products,
  • to identify trends and improve the online offers,
  • for all purposes otherwise specified.

3.2 Data collection as a result of making the Websites available and the creation of server logfiles as well as data privacy

Every time the BVG Websites are accessed, data and information from the accessing computer system are captured, and in particular process actions are registered in the server logfile and its integrated protocol. The web server automatically registers information about this visit, such as the

  • IP address (Internet Protocol address);
  • URL of the website that was visited last (Uniform Resource Locater);
  • type of browser software that was used;
  • user's operating system;
  • user's internet service provider;
  • pages of the BVK Websites that were visited, together with the date and time of access and the duration of the visit.

Such technical data are usually collected on an anonymised basis so that the data cannot be used to identify the user. Where technical data are not collected on an anonymised basis for security reasons, the data are deleted within 90 days.

For most online offers, users can access the BVK Websites without having to provide specific information about themselves, i.e. the target server only collects the data that are provided automatically. In contrast, in certain cases (such as data provided on a registration page or when subscribing to a newsletter) where specific personal information is provided during a visit to the BVK Websites, such as surname, first name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number or the information and services in which the user is interested, direct Personal Data are captured. 

BVK guarantees data privacy and data security by way of suitable technical measures such as security technologies (encryption technologies etc.), firewalls and password systems, settings that promote data privacy and organisational security measures to protect the collected Personal Data against unauthorised access, misuse, loss or destruction. BVK does not sell the Personal Data, but it may in certain cases share the data in anonymised form with external third parties, e.g. via the social media plugins or buttons integrated into the Websites (see section 11 below). BVK's right to use providers of outsourcing services is reserved. In this case, BVK takes care that the data recipients meet the data privacy provisions by applying suitable technical measures.

All data are deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary for achieving the purpose for which they were collected. Data collected for the provision of the Websites (accessibility/session cookies) are deleted when the respective session has ended. The data captured in the server logfile when accessing the BVK Website are deleted after 90 days.

This is subject to statutory storage obligations that prescribe the storage of data for a longer period.

The user identifying themselves has the opportunity at any time to request access to and information about their Personal Data that were collected and processed and to object to the collection and processing of their Personal Data if there is no lawful basis for such processing under the Data Privacy Policy or the applicable laws. In doing so, they must identify the Website on which the data were entered and describe the type of data that have to be corrected, updated or erased. The erasure of the data may be prevented by statutory notification, archiving or storage obligations. 

The collection of data for the provision of the Websites (accessibility/session cookies) and the storage of data in logfiles are absolutely necessary for the operation of the internet sites. Consequently, the user has no right of objection.

All information sent to BVK by the user via a contact form or an e-mail is treated as described above. The transmitted data include the data entered into the compulsory and voluntary fields as well as in the message field in the contact form.

The data are used for processing the conversation as well as for related marketing purposes. The other Personal Data processed during the transmission process serve to prevent misuse of the contact form and to ensure the security of the information technology systems.

7.1 General

We provide the chat functions to allow users to contact BVK. The user name and e-mail address have to be provided so that users can be recognised again in the case of longer discussions and can be contacted. 

The data are used for processing the conversation as well as for related marketing purposes.

7.2 Mortgages live chat

BVK uses a mortgages live chat offered by the company Userlike UG on the website. The user can use the live chat and a contact form to chat with our employees, practically in real time. Personal Data are provided at the start of the chat:

  • date and time of access;
  • type of browser software that was used;
  • IP address (Internet Protocol address);
  • user's operating system;
  • user's internet service provider;
  • URL of the website that was visited last (Uniform Resource Locater);
  • volume of data sent in bytes.

Depending on the course of the conversation with our employees, further Personal Data may also have to be entered by the user (e.g. first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number). The kind of data depends strongly on the user's enquiry. The live preview function is activated in the live chat. This means that our employees can see text being entered by the user even before the text is sent. This improves the processing efficiency of customer enquiries. Our employees are trained on an ongoing basis about data privacy, data security and the secure and responsible treatment of customer's data in accordance with BVK’s standards, and are obliged to comply with these standards even during a live chat. 

BVK stores the contents of live chats and data from the offline contact form in order to offer users an efficient advisory service, to check the quality of our live chat offer and to document the business relationship with the user or customer. All chat data and information provided in the offline contact form are encrypted and stored on a server infrastructure located in Germany. If the user objects to this, we request notification via the contact data listed below. Stored live chats will then be erased immediately, provided that they can be clearly allocated to the respective user. BVK also analyses anonymised data about chat behaviour, user feedback and reaction times. All data collected from the live chat function are automatically erased after 36 months. Data that are relevant to the customer relationship are usually stored in the electronic customer file, always in compliance with the applicable statutory storage periods.

BVK is interested in analysing user access to the BVK Websites in order to optimise its online offers.

BVK uses analysis tools to analyse the use of the BVK Websites. Meta data relating to the internet users (including data and time of access, type of browser software that was used, IP addresses, etc.) that are provided during visits to the BVK Websites are captured. The statistical information about website use can be gathered either directly using programs installed on the servers used by BVK, or by using third-party tracking tools that are integrated into the BVK Websites by way of special graphic elements and a third-party script to capture visits to the BVK Websites. BVK treats Personal Data it captures itself with great care. Tracking providers are required to use the collected data exclusively for the purpose of providing analyses for BVK (and never for their own use) and to guarantee data security. If data are transferred across borders, care is taken to ensure that the required level of data privacy is guaranteed. However, foreign authorities may be able to access data located in their country under their national legislation.

8.1 Tracking technologies such as cookies and internet tags

The BVK Websites use tracking technologies such as cookies and tags to better understand the (repeated) use of the Websites by visitors, to manage the BVK Websites and to improve their user-friendliness, and to prepare statistics for the purpose of internal market analysis about the individual use of the Websites and the areas of the BVK Websites that are used most frequently. 

Cookies are small text files that are stored permanently or temporarily in the internet browser or via the internet browser on the end device (operating system) of the user during their visit to the BVK Websites. Such cookies contain a unique string of characters that make it possible to identify the browser the next time the user visits the BVK Websites. The purpose of cookies is in particular to analyse the use of the Websites for statistical evaluations and to ensure continuous improvement of website activity. Users can change their browser settings so that a warning is displayed on the screen before cookies are stored. They can also block the use of personal cookies. However, when cookies are blocked, it may not be possible to use or fully use some functions and services of the BVK Websites. Internet tags (action tags, single-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs or 1-by-1 GIFs) are also used to analyse the reaction of users to the Websites, the impact of advertising campaigns and the use of the Websites.

8.2 Google Analytics

The BVK Websites makes use of Google Analytics, a tracking tool offered by the US company Google LLC, which is used to generate detailed statistics about data traffic on websites and their origins and to measure conversions and turnover. Data traffic analysis in Europe is done by Google Ireland Ltd. Google Analytics uses cookies. The information gathered by the cookies about the use of the BVK Websites, including IP addresses, is transmitted in anonymised form to and stored on servers of Google Ireland Ltd.; it should be remembered, however, that Google Ireland Ltd. operates server locations throughout the world. Google Ireland Ltd. uses this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the BVK Websites, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google Ireland Ltd. may also forward this information to third parties. Google Ireland Ltd. is not supposed to link the IP addresses with other data of Google Ireland Ltd., but BVK cannot ensure this.

Users can prevent the installation of cookies on their end devices by changing their browser settings, but this would mean that they cannot use or cannot fully use certain functions and services of the BVK Websites. The transmission of the data generated by the cookie and data relating to the use of the Websites (incl. the IP address) to Google and the processing of these data by Google can also be prevented by installing a browser plugin (see

 As an alternative to the browser add-on, especially for browsers on mobile devices, you can also prevent Google Analytics from capturing your data by clicking on this link.

This will set an opt-out cookie that will prevent the future capture of your data when visiting this Website. The opt-out cookie only works in the relevant browser and only for our Website and is stored on your device. If you delete the cookies in this browser, you will have to reset the opt-out cookie.

You can find more information on data privacy in relation to Google Analytics in Google Analytics Help ( and in its data privacy policy (

If the user does not block the installation of cookies, the user agrees that their data collected by Google Ireland Ltd. during their visit to the BVK Websites may be processed in the manner described above and for the purpose set out above.

8.3 Google Tag Manager

The product Google Tag Manager provided by Google LLC is used on selected BVK Websites to manage activity-based advertising services. These services are provided in Europe by Google Ireland Ltd. through servers located throughout the world. The Tag Manager tool itself (which implements the tags) is a domain that does not use cookies and does not collect any Personal Data. However, the tool triggers other tags that may under certain circumstances capture data. Google Tag Manager does not access these data. If the function is disabled on the end device at domain or cookie level, it applies to all tracking tags that are implemented by Google Tag Manager.

8.4 Google DoubleClick

The DoubleClick function provided by Google LLC is used on selected BVK Websites to analyse the use of these Websites and to provide advertising that is relevant to the user. These services are provided in Europe by Google Ireland Ltd. through servers located throughout the world. To this end, a cookie is installed on the user's end device (operating system). This cookie is used to allocate a pseudonymous identification number to the user's browser and to collect information about the advertising displayed in the browser and whether or not it is accessed by the user. The information collected by the cookie about the use of the BVK Websites is usually transmitted to and stored on one of the global servers of Google Ireland Ltd. On the basis of the information collected in this way, categories of relevance to the user are allocated to the user's browser, and advertising relevant to their interests is displayed.

In addition to changing your browser settings, you can also permanently deactivate the DoubleClick cookie by installing a browser plugin (see The plugin ensures that the deactivation settings are maintained for this browser, even if all cookies are deleted. If the user does not block the setting of cookies, the user agrees that their data collected by Google Ireland Ltd. during their visit to the BVK Websites may be processed in the manner described above and for the purpose set out above.

Users of the BVK Websites only receive e-mails or e-newsletters with their consent. They can at any time block the receipt of further messages.

As the internet is a universally accessible medium for which confidentiality and data security are not guaranteed, BVK cannot accept any responsibility or liability in this regard.

Ordinary e-mails that are sent to BVK in unencrypted form and via the internet are neither confidential nor secure. They can be viewed, intercepted or changed by third parties, or they can be lost. The transmitted data can cross the borders to other countries, even if both the sender and the recipient are located in Switzerland. BVK is liable neither to the users nor to other parties for damage caused in relation to messages or Personal Data or confidential information that is sent to BVK by way of ordinary e-mails or via another electronic messaging system.

BVK reserves the right to integrate social media plugins or buttons into its Websites. Where social media plugins or buttons are directly integrated, a connection to the relevant social network is already established via the internet when the website into which they are integrated is loaded, and the user's IP address and the cookies stored on their end device are forwarded to third-party providers who can then log the user's behaviour. This user tracking takes place even if the user does not click on a button or does not belong to a social network.

BVK uses the Shariff method (one-click method) to prevent the automatic capture of users by third-party providers. Our Shariff buttons only establish contact between the social network and the user when the user actively clicks on the Share or Like button. In this case, Shariff or the website operator acts as an intermediary and the user remains anonymous vis-à-vis the social network. Users can therefore capture and post contents in social networks without these networks being able to prepare complete surf profiles. With this Shariff method, BVK protects the data privacy of its Website users to the maximum extent possible with the latest technology.

For reasons of security and to protect the transmission of confidential contents, e.g. enquiries including personal information  etc. which users send to BVK, the BVK Websites use SSL encryption. You can identify an encrypted connection by the fact that the browser address changes from http:// to https:// and a lock appears in the address bar of the user's computer.

Google Maps provided by Google LLC is used on the BVK Websites. By using the functions of these maps, data are automatically transmitted to Google Ireland Ltd. as the service provider in Europe via servers located throughout the world and are processed and used by Google Ireland Ltd. (see and By using this Website, the user accepts this capture and use of data by Google.

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