When your working life is over, your life as a pensioner has only just begun


A major stage in your life is coming to a close. When you reach retirement age, your working life is over. A new phase in your life begins. For the pension fund, this means that you change from a customer making contributions to a customer receiving a pension.

Ordinary retirement

With BVK, men and women can retire from the age of 60 or work until they turn 70. Discuss when you want to retire with your employer. There are also a number of exceptions, such as for professors, university lecturers, teachers and other selected people. Ask your employer when you are allowed to retire. If no special agreements have been made, a pension will be paid out from your 65th birthday.

When you retire, your old-age pension will be calculated based on the amount you have saved and your age when you retire. This will then be paid out until the end of your life. BVK offers those it covers the option of choosing a higher conversion rate in return for reducing the survivors' benefits from 2/3 to 1/3 of the old-age pension. BVK must receive the application for this well in advance. 

But you can also take the money out of the pension fund. Find out more here: Pension or capital? BVK also offers the option of retiring in stages. Find out more here: Partial retirement.

The most important issues relating to retirement

Frequently asked questions regarding old-age benefits

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