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Secure pension

You receive your pension paid out month after month, punctually and reliably. We will also send you your tax statement every December together with the "Informiert" newsletter.

Your savings with BVK accrue interest, and you benefit from higher interest rates than those offered by the banks. The interest rate is determined based on the coverage ratio reported at the end of the year. BVK endeavours to treat people of all ages equally, which is something that it has also enshrined in its pension regulations. This principle of equal treatment applies to improved benefits in particular. For coverage ratios of 115% or more, the "cohort" model applies, with which we ensure that people of all ages benefit from the same interest rates on their savings. In the past, the interest rates for active insured persons (those still working) were lower than those enjoyed by pensioners, which is why they will be offered improved benefits first. Privileges will then be granted to pensioners who retired on the basis of a lower conversion rate, and then rolled out step by step for those who benefited from a higher conversion rate when they retired. 

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