Increase your savings – you'll be grateful when you retire


Most people probably have their biggest savings account with their pension fund. Not many people realise this, and they also do not know that this money earns better interest than money held in the bank. A purchase can be deducted from taxable income in the tax return, and it also increases the pension savings. 

You stand to benefit twice from a purchase

Tax return for the Canton of Zurich, point 16.1: contributions to the AHV, IV and second pillar, unless deducted under sections 1 and 2. Here you can enter the additional amount which you paid voluntarily into the pension fund. This noticeably reduces the tax burden. And the bigger your savings upon retirement, the bigger your pension.

Please note that a withdrawal of pension fund assets may be restricted for the first three years after a purchase. Ask your customer advisor for information.

If no spouse's pension falls due upon the death of an employee, BVK pays a lump-sum death benefit. As this includes the total pension savings, the money paid into the pension fund is also returned.

There are good reasons then for making a purchase from the pension fund.

For persons insured with BVK: you can apply to make a purchase here. 

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