New job – new pension fund

Job change, resignation

Changing your job almost always means changing your pension fund. After all, every employer is free to choose their own pension fund. What is important is that you take your pension savings with you as a vested benefit.

Take your money with you when you change jobs

"Please transfer your vested benefits to us with the enclosed payment slip." Your new pension fund will send you a letter something like this to remind you to transfer your pension savings to your new pension fund. Every employee in Switzerland with a minimum annual income of CHF 22'050 (as of 2024) is insured in the second pillar and saves for their pension. - Your account is managed by the pension fund of the current employer as long as you are employed with the company. The money is invested to make the best profit possible. This ensures that you will receive a pension for the rest of your life.

This procedure takes place every time you change jobs – provided of course that you are between 21 and 60 years old and have not made any other pension claims, for example for a disability. If you do not provide us with a new pension fund, a vested benefits account with a bank or a vested benefits policy with an insurance company when you change jobs, your money will be forwarded to the Foundation for the BVG Contingency Fund.

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