Our first goal is securing your second pillar pension. As the biggest pension fund in Switzerland, we deem it our task to offer our insured persons and affiliated employers flexible and innovative solutions.

BVK in a nutshell

With 139,000  insured persons, BVK is the biggest pension fund in Switzerland. It is a foundation established under private law. Some 60% of its customers work for affiliated employers in the healthcare, education and administration sectors. The remaining 40% are employees of the Canton of Zurich.

Compared to other pension funds, BVK performs very well in terms of retirement, disability and death benefits for active insured persons and pension recipients. The contribution structure is very employee-friendly, with an employer' contribution of 60%. Employees can also choose between three different contribution options. In contrast to other pension funds, BVK also insures occupational disability.

Thanks to its advantageous customer base, BVK has a very good portfolio structure with a comparatively high percentage of active insured persons. This advantageous customer structure translates into very low costs for the management of assets and insured.

BVK also has a large portfolio of directly held real estate and rents out around 5,000 apartments and 350,000 square metres of office and commercial space. In addition, BVK applies its real estate expertise to grant mortgages.

Facts and figures for BVK


number of persons insured with BVK

39,5 Mrd. CHF

assets under management


affiliated employers

About us

As a pension fund, we attach great importance to your second pillar pension provision. But that's not all. The huge amount in assets – your pension savings – should earn a return on the market. We achieve this through our investment strategy, the granting of mortgages, and our real estate – which we develop and manage ourselves. All of this work is done by some 150 employees. They are at the heart of BVK.

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