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Disability benefits

We want you to enjoy a long, healthy life. But if you do suffer misfortune, it's good to know that your pension fund provides disability insurance and you will receive a pension no matter what – quickly, pragmatically and for the rest of your life with BVK.

Disabled doesn't have to mean unemployed

For years at BVK, we have had an established and customer-friendly process that is unique within the industry: a team of specialists assesses entitlement to a disability pension. We distinguish between two types of pension. The incapacity pension is based on a ruling of the Federal Invalidity Insurance (IV). The occupational disability pension, on the other hand, is determined by BVK with the help of medical consultants' reports.

An assessment of whether a person is able to continue practising their customary profession is carried out. If this is not possible, BVK will grant a full or partial disability pension. A full disability pension amounts to 60% of the insured salary and is paid out until the person would have retired. At that point, the disability pension is replaced by the old-age pension, with BVK making both the employer and employee contributions up to the date of "retirement". In order to minimise the shortfall in income in the event that an occupational disability pension is paid out, BVK will also pay out a bridging pension to make up for the absence of the IV pension that is not yet being paid out.

Disability pensions are financed by the risk portion of the contribution payments. Thanks to a constant fall in the amount of disability pensions to be paid out, the contribution was reduced from 3% of the insured salary to its current level of 2% in 2017. This reduction reflects the success of BVK's model.

Please contact our team of specialists directly if you have any questions.

«I would like to thank BVK's Benefits Services for their consistently friendly advice. They gave me confidence during this difficult time and helped me with some difficult decisions. It's reassuring to know that there is someone I can call if I have any questions.»

Ruzica Hezeli (63)

Incapacity pension recipient

Frequently asked questions regarding disability benefits

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