Joining BVK

New to BVK?

Have you changed your job and now have second-pillar insurance with BVK? Welcome!

Find out here how to register with BVK and transfer your savings from another pension fund (also known as vested benefits).

Your new employer will register you with BVK within the first few weeks of starting your new job. BVK will send you the following documents as soon as you are registered.

  • A personalised payment slip
  • Your access details for our myBVK customer portal (policy number and activation code)

Important: This will usually happen towards the end of the month in which you join, so have a little patience.

In order to register for the myBVK customer portal via SwissID, you will need your mobile phone, your policy number and your personal activation code. You will receive your policy number and activation code towards the end of the month in which you start working for your new employer.

You are responsible for making sure that your existing savings with other pension funds are transferred to BVK.

You can do this by sending the payment slip you receive from BVK to your former pension fund.

If you have misplaced the payment slip or if the money is in different accounts, you can download the payment slip in the myBVK customer portal and send it to your former pension fund in digital form.

As soon as your former pension fund has transferred your savings, BVK will send you confirmation and a statement of cover detailing your personal BVK benefits.

Current data and numerous modelling facilities can be accessed at any time in the myBVK customer portal.

Decide for yourself how much you want to save in the future. BVK offers three different savings contribution options. It is also worth checking what effect personal purchases will have on your cover.

You can also specify what topics you would like to receive information on from BVK (digitally or otherwise). It's all very easy to do at myBVK!

Are you unmarried and is your partnership also not legally registered? Don't forget to take out cover for those closest to you in the event of your death. You must take the necessary precautions in good time (ideally now).

You can find a decision-making aid and the necessary forms at myBVK. Please feel free to contact us if you need help or have any questions. We are here to help.

Criteria for joining BVK

BVK insures people who are turning 18 in the current year and whose employers have chosen BVK as their pension fund. Of course, it also insures people who transfer to an employer insured by BVK.

Only the risks of death and disability are insured in the first three years. You start saving for retirement in the year in which you turn 21. Combined with your AHV benefits, this money, which you will pay into your own personal savings account during your working life until you retire, will serve to maintain your accustomed standard of living in retirement. That makes it an account that you should take care of at an early stage.

Contributions are mandatory for people who earn an annual salary of more than CHF 22'050 (as at: 2023) and are employed for at least three months. People who are already insured or self-employed as their main occupation are not covered. The obligation to make contributions ends upon retirement (or, if agreed with the employer, when you reach the age of 70 at the latest).

Other topics relating to joining

Frequently asked questions regarding enrolment in BVK

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