Key indicators

Key indicators 2021 2020
Number of active insured persons 90'990 89'874
Number of pension recipients 39'305 38'213
Total assets (in CHF billion) 41,3 38,1
Available pension assets (in CHF billion) 41,4 37,5
Funding ratio 111,6% 105,3%
Affiliated employers 438 461
Performance (net; after costs) 8,0% 5,7%
Expense ratio TER-OPSC (total expense ratio according to OPSC) 0,14% 0,15%
Transparency ratio according to OPSC 100,0% 100,0%
Interest on pension savings 2,0% 1,5%
Technical interest rate 1,75% 2,0%
Cash flow (CHF million) 238 316


Cash flow

BVK generated cash flow of CHF 238 million in 2021 (2020: CHF 316 million). Cash flow is the difference between fund inflows (contributions, deposits and purchases) and outflows (pension and lump-sum payments). From an operational viewpoint, the objective is to achieve positive cash flow. This also has the advantage that a pension fund will not be forced for liquidity reasons to sell securities during a downturn on the financial markets.

In 2021, cash flow consisted of the following:

Description Amount in CHF million
Employee and employer contributions 1’559
Deposits (personal purchases, vested benefits brought in on joining, etc.) 928
Restructuring contributions by employer 0
Pension benefits -1'200
Lump-sum payments (retirement, death, advance withdrawal to promote home ownership, divorce) -750
Vested benefits paid out on leaving -298
Cash flow =238
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