Children receive a pension

Children's or orphan's pension

The death of a parent is difficult for children to come to terms with. If the child is under the age of 20, BVK will pay out an orphan's pension.

Children receive money

When an insured person dies while actively insured or in receipt of a pension, their children are entitled to an orphan's pension. Stepchildren and foster children only qualify if the insured person supported them to a significant degree. This applies to children up to the age of 19. If the child is still in education or receives a full disability pension, an orphan's pension is paid out until their education is completed (or until they turn 25 at the latest).

Half-orphans receive 30% of the spouse's pension. Complete orphans receive 60% unless they are already receiving benefits from the benefits institutions of the other deceased parent. If this is the case, the children's pension is reduced to 30%.


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