Losing your job


You are of working age but cannot find a job. Unemployment is never pleasant. However, it is still good to know that you will keep the money you have already saved in your pension fund and the contingency fund will cover the risks of death and disability.

Inform yourself ahead of time

If you lose or leave your job, technically speaking you also exit the pension fund. The vested benefits that you have saved therefore have to be transferred. Since you no longer have a regular employer, the money is transferred to a vested benefits account at a bank of your choice or to a vested benefits policy with an insurance company. 

Alternatively, the money can be transferred to the Foundation for the BVG Contingency Fund. The Foundation also performs other tasks if you become unemployed, such as:


  • implementing your compulsory occupational pension plan for unemployed individuals to cover the risks of death and disability
  • processing unemployed individuals who have exited the compulsory occupational pension plan and want to continue making voluntary contributions

More about unemployment

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