Bridging the gap to your pension

Voluntary supplementary insurance from the age of 58

Losing your job at 58 leaves you in an uncomfortable position. You have to wait until you are 60 before you start receiving your pension. With BVK, you can bridge this gap.

Paying your own contributions

Are you at least 58 years old and retiring from working life? You have two options for continuing your insurance with BVK up to a maximum age of 65, even if you are not employed. The options differ depending on whether you or your employer terminated the employment. In both cases, you have to pay both the employee's and the employer's contributions. However, we offer you the option of reducing your insured salary in order to adjust the contribution burden to your personal situation.

BVK offers voluntary supplementary insurance to everyone actively insured between the ages of 58 and 65. Just be sure to register with us at least one month before the end of your current employment relationship.

Contact BVK Customer Service for more detailed information. You can also register for supplementary insurance on the myBVK customer portal.

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Detailed information

According to the BVG, if you were terminated by your employer, you can also choose the statutory, voluntary supplementary insurance. In this case, you have the option of continuing the risk contributions either with or without the savings contributions. You can reduce both contributions or just the savings contributions. If you only want to have risk insurance, you can continue it with your previous insured salary. If you opt for the statutory solution, you should know that if you continue your coverage with supplementary insurance for more than two years, you will no longer be able to make lump-sum withdrawals when you retire.

Registration for voluntary supplementary insurance must be communicated in writing no later than one month before the end of your employment relationship. If the employment relationship is terminated without notice, your registration must be submitted no later than 14 days after your termination.

No. In the case of voluntary supplementary insurance, there is no entitlement to bridging benefits for your pension, regardless of whether the provisions on the bridging benefits for your pension apply to the personnel of your former employer.

The prerequisites must be checked on an individual basis. Please contact your customer service representative ahead of time to clarify the best solution for your personal situation. 

No. When you register, you decide which benefits you want to insure and for what amount. This will apply until you terminate the voluntary supplementary insurance.

Yes. If you have any questions, we recommend contacting your local tax authority.

Cross-border commuters do not qualify for voluntary supplementary insurance. It is only available to people living in Switzerland. BVK must be notified if an insured person relocates outside Switzerland while supplementary insurance is in place.

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