A supplementary income can also contribute to your pension

Supplementary cover

In addition to your main job, which is insured under BVG, you may have other work that is below the insurable minimum values. No problem! If your employer agrees, you can also insure this supplementary income with BVK.  

Supplementary income is no small matter

More and more people are taking on multiple jobs. Working multiple jobs offers financial security and the variety provides a sense of fulfilment. But social services can present some problems. Often, only one salary is insured. Any other incomes remain under the pension fund radar. These contribution gaps have a negative effect on your retirement. The contributions you make during your working life may not leave your savings pot as full as expected, leading to a lower pension.

If you become disabled during your working life and are partially or completely incapacitated, you are better off with the supplementary cover. At BVK, 60% of your consolidated, insured salary is paid out if you are completely incapacitated.

In order to avoid this problem, BVK offers the option of also insuring supplementary incomes. However, the third-party employer must also agree to this as they must pay their share of the pension fund contributions.

BVK customers can find all the details and corresponding forms for our supplementary pension plans here. 

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