Start enjoying your golden years earlier

Early retirement

Do you feel like working until the age of 63 is long enough? Not a problem. There are ways for you to retire at any time after turning 60.

Retiring early

While you are working, you have regular pay and not much time, but the situation is reversed when you retire. Then, you "only" have your pension, but you have a lot more time. You should start thinking about retirement and its consequences at the age of 55 at the latest. The ordinary retirement age in Switzerland is 65. Those who can afford it can stop working earlier. They can retire at any time over the age of 59, and receive old-age benefits in the form of a pension from that point on. The conversion rate is set for each birth year and age. This is multiplied by the amount of savings to give the annual pension. A different conversion rate or payment method is used depending on which model you choose.

If you come to the conclusion that this pension and other benefits will be enough to enjoy your golden years in peace, there is nothing to stop you from retiring early. It is, of course, also possible to retire in stages, or receive a portion of your savings as a lump sum (with the "Kombi" and "Flex" models).

As AHV benefits are not paid out until normal AHV retirement age is reached, an application can be submitted to BVK for bridging benefits. The Compensation Office will provide information on the obligation to make AHV contributions. BVK does not deduct any AHV contributions from old-age benefits.

P.S.:   If you reach the age of 65 and find you still haven't had enough, you can keep working up to the age of 70 as far as BVK is concerned, provided your employer agrees. At that age at the latest, you will then start to receive your pension – even if you are still working.

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