Retiring in stages

Partial retirement

Not everyone dreams of working right up to normal retirement age (65). Many people want to leave the world of work gradually. Financial planning is key in this regard. BVK offers the option of retiring in three stages.

Plan in advance

«I don't want to work until I'm 65,» says the single woman. «Can you afford to take early retirement?» her co-worker asks. «Err... I'm not sure.» By this point at least, you should start thinking about your financial planning for after you retire.

You essentially have access to money from your AHV/IV cover, your pension fund and your pillar 3 savings for your retirement. The latter is your responsibility. AHV benefits are paid out after you reach normal retirement age and register with the relevant AHV fund.

You and your employer pay into the second pillar (your pension fund) during your working life, making it probably your biggest source of savings. BVK offers the option of retiring in three stages. You can take out capital as a lump sum in any of the three stages. Otherwise, an old-age pension will be paid out to replace the insured salary. Prorated bridging benefits can also be received provided the employer has not ruled out their payment. This option is usually what makes early retirement a possibility in the first place as this money replaces the AHV benefits until AHV retirement age is reached.

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